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Be Claus I Said So Cocktail Kit

Be Claus I Said So Cocktail Kit


Spice up this holiday with some fun cocktails ( or mocktails). Each kit has been carefully crafted to provide a variety of tasty options. Your kit includes two delicious syrups(Cran-Spice & Brown Butter), one "Secret Ingredient", Mama's Aromatic bitters and garnishes to top off your beverages. Enjoy sixteen total cocktails with the two recipes provided. Give the gift of some holiday spirit or savor this cocktail experience for yourself!


    *Free shipping when you purchase three or more cocktail kits!

    *All kits ordered now cannot be guarenteed to arrive for the holidays

    Once shipped, kits should be delivered between 2-5 business days.

    *Are you looking to send this cocktail kit to three or more addresses? Send us an email and let us know that you would like to ship to multiple addresses. In that email, please provide your name, order number, addresses and the messages for the handwritten notes that will be delivered with the kit.


    This cocktail kit will come with two specailty syrups, Mama’s Aromatic bitters and "The Secret Ingredient". This kit comes with enough mixers to enjoy sixteen total cocktails with the recipes provided.

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